Since the start of its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly proclaimed that one of the official goals of its “special operation” is to “de-nazify” Ukraine. Now evidence begins to mount that Russia’s “de-nazification campaign” is conducted using methods only the Nazis themselves could employ, including mass executions of civilians by Russian death squads. The genocide that I have been continuously warning about since the outbreak of the war is now clearly underway.

As Ukrainian forces have entered Bucha and other recently liberated towns and villages northwest of Kyiv, their joy of victory was soon overshadowed by the utterly horrific scenes that unfolded in front of their eyes — streets literally littered by bodies of civilians and mass graves containing whole families. One reportedly so large as to contain approximately 300 dead bodies. Many victims of Russian atrocities have their hands tied behind their backs and were shot point blank, some even with shots to the backs of their heads.

It is important to stress that the victims were not Ukrainian soldiers who fell in battle, but unarmed civilians deliberately murdered for no military objective whatsoever. We can only imagine the scale of atrocities that would ensue if the Russians indeed managed to take Kyiv or the scale of death and destruction that we will have to face when and if Mariupol is freed from encirclement by Putin’s butchers.

Since the end of WWII, Europe and the rest of the world have incessantly been talking about the Holocaust, probably the worst mass crime ever committed by one group of humans against another. But what is all this talking worth if the world lets another genocide happen right in front of their eyes at the very heart of Europe? If it does, then the famous Never Again slogan will be just empty words.

World, don’t be silent! Bucha is the Srebrenica of the 21st century! Putin must be stopped at any cost! We need your actions, not words. And we need them NOW!

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